Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Welcome to my blog. My name is Fairleigh, pronounced like the adverb, "fairly". Yes, I have to tell people that. The indisputable third letter "i' is often overlooked and I am called "FARleigh". So, I have had to adopt a simple saying when introducing myself, or correcting the mispronunciation, that goes something along the lines of... "I'm Fairleigh. Pronounced like the adverb, "fairly sunny, fairly cloudy". I added the former part of the saying early on in my adult life when I finally was clever enough, and brave enough, to correct people. I started out by simply saying, "like fairly cloudy". But that's not very up-lifting is it? So I added the "fairly sunny" part. Truthfully, though, how often do you hear someone say "fairly sunny"? It's just not common. But none the less, I try to insert a little ray of sun when explaining my name. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my name. It's beautiful. It's unique. It fits. It means "from the bull meadow" in gaelic, and I'm a Taurus, so how perfect, right? Well, I got to thinking, the origin of a name, it's place as a word in a sentence, should not be overlooked. I'm learning to embrace my name as an adverb. Something that describes something in action. I'm learning to embrace the not-quite completeness of "fairly", my name's common verbage counterpart. So to sum it up, I'm living life as an adverb and figuring out along the way what to make of all this.

Though most of this blog will be dedicated to my (husband included) journey to bringing home a baby, you're sure to find all things related to my life. And I'll try to be as existential as possible. (That got you into it... didn't it...)